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Photography’s 200 year history is brief compared to the vast and varied past of other mediums such as painting and sculpture. Yet many of the techniques photographers use now came from before the first camera was invented, from Rembrandt lighting to compositional “rules.” The ties to the past are only increasing — Adobe Stock lists History and Memory among the 2018 photography trend as an increasing number of photographers pay tribute to classic work even while using modern cameras. The trend joins others like Creative Reality Multilocalism. 

So what does this trend look like, and how can photographers find inspiration in it while also making it their own? Here are three ways photographers can find inspiration in classic art.

A Perfect Angle of Light 

Painters understood light long before photographers were able to capture it with a camera. Rembrandt lighting, for example, is a commonly used photography lighting is an important pattern named after the 17th century painter that often created the light pattern with a paintbrush. Here we prefer best product photography in UAE, or you can say best product photography in Dubai. As I said light is heart of photography it can change a common subject into attractive subject with the help of light and perfect angle.

While painters understood light before photography was even a word, the light in classic art isn’t as broad as the number of different lighting patterns used today. The light in classic art can easily become inspiration for modern photography. Look at your favorite classic art pieces and identify the shadows and highlights

Color of the Situation 

Sure, choosing a color palette for a photograph isn’t quite as easy as opening a specific shade of paint — but that doesn’t mean photographers can’t find inspiration in the colors of classic artwork.

Once that classical inspiration hits, choose a subject and props that falls into that color palette. Then perfect the classical colors in post. Inside Lightroom, adjust the colors in the photo to more closely resemble the tones from from a classic oil painting — this can be largely done with the HSL panel. And as we procced this article further I want you know about how service of best product photography in Abdu Dhabi, best product photography in Sharjah with amazing quality work will bring you a lot of attraction. Hue will change the shade of that color, while saturation will change the intensity of the color. Luminance alters how light or dark the color appears and can be used to mimic the darker tones found in some classic paintings. Split toning can add hints of color to the shadows and highlights — this tool is best for recreating the look of an old photograph by mimicking the colors created in the darkroom, such as with cyanotypes and sepia images.

Composition of the Product

A camera may not be able to capture a face the way Pablo Picasso painted people, but classical inspiration doesn’t stop at composition. Even the classic artists used the Rule of Thirds.

While painters can place objects wherever they want with a few brush strokes, photographers still have several compositional tools with historic roots. Look for leading lines that can give that two-dimensional art depth in a landscape, or find inspiration in the lines of a pose from a classic painting for portraits. Choose your lens carefully — a wide angle will exaggerate distance and angles in your composition, while a zoom lens will make everything appear closer together.

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