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Pictures influence the first impression of customers, which encourages them to continue scrolling down to see your stores and finally, buy your products. Have the best product photography in UAE, is the key of successful business.

Nowadays, more and more brands understand the importance of product photography for eCommerce. On one hand, product photography helps to certify the product’s quality, on other hand, it is like a window into an eCommerce store, bringing transparency and trust to your brand. For best product photography in Dubai.

No matter what your product is, book, clothes, accessories, machines, or hardware, you need product photography to show customers exactly what they will pay for. It also reduces the return rate if the product doesn’t meet their demands.

High-quality images improve customer experience across touchpoints

Image showcases your product’s value and details. Visuality is the factor that influences the buying decision of 93% of Customers. Because you have the best product photography in Abu Dhabi. It convinces target customers to buy, visualize your content, and make your whole online store more realistic.

Images are a key element of branding

Images are the first thing to catch customers’ eyes, create trust and encourage them to click further. Images, including posts on social networks, website, and all marketing materials, are the “look” of your brand. Through all elements of the image (theme color, quality, subject, text, edit), your brand speaks to your target customer in a transparent and consistent voice.

Every brand needs to build a long-term connection with customers, and images are vital to achieving that goal.

Tools for product photography

Investing in good tools is the first piece of advice if you consider taking high-quality product images important for your eCommerce store. The cost of tools is an advanced investment that would return in the form of grown revenues.

Camera (or your smartphone)

What’s the best camera for eCommerce product photography?

Equipping a DSLR camera allows your photographer to set up parameters that fit your products and campaigns. A DSLR camera provides a manual mode that allows you to customize settings such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and aperture. A professional DSLR should have an auto-focus function and at least 12 megapixels.

Smartphone cameras are also becoming higher-quality. Sometimes, they can take better images than professional cameras. So if you provide good light and background, iPhone or Samsung smartphones could do a great job as well. For best product photography in Sharjah.

Tripod For Product Photography

If your camera isn’t stable, you’ll probably end up with blurry images no matter how professional your camera is. To resolve your problem, use a tripod that is a 3-legged support to keep the camera stable still during your shoot.

Tripod is very important when shooting in low ISO — a setting that lessens graininess. Your photographer needs a tripod to reduce blur while minimizing graininess.

A tripod costs just $15, which makes it a reasonable investment for your DSLR camera or smartphone. eCommerce product photography doesn’t need a crew with immense professional cameras to do high-quality images.A tripod, a camera (DSLR or smartphone), and your products are everything you need to shoot. However, your result could be even better with the right light and background.

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