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Commercial Jewelry Photography in UAE


As a commercial photographer, I specialize in product, food, and architecture. One of the products we’ve been shooting a lot of lately is jewelry, specifically jewelry for catalog use. In my opinion, jewelry is one of the hardest things to photograph, and many photographers don’t know where to start. Whenever we’re tasked with photographing shiny, reflective, spherical objects, our studio sounds like a group of sailors on leave with all the profanity flying around (often times strung together to make complete sentences). We push on, moving through a series of techniques that yield the results we’re after and we make mental notes for the next time we’re presented with a similar challenge. It’s how we better ourselves as photographers, and it’s that challenge that gets me out of bed in the morning. In this video, I wanted to share some of the techniques we use to photograph those shiny, reflective, spherical objects for catalog use.

We approach catalog photography a bit differently than “hero” or advertising photography. As I did for my one of my client Commercial Jewelry Photography in UAE, you can say Commercial Jewelry Photography in Sharjah. The images are generally going to be much smaller and need to be consistent with work either from the same batch, or previous shoots. When it comes to catalog photography, the goal is to be efficient. We want to present a clean, uniform look that allows the client to use any of the images interchangeably. We also want to show as much of the product as possible to give the viewer a solid idea of what they’re potentially buying. With catalog photography, the attention to detail is typically not as critical as advertising imagery, nor is the retouching as refined (efficiency is key), therefore the budgets are typically smaller per image. Another thing that keeps the cost down is the limited usage, typically licensed for just catalog use, whereas a hero image could be licensed for magazine ads, website, billboards, etc.

Jewelry product photography process

Jewelry product photography, just like any other type of product photography, need some good planning. Before advancing into the shoot itself, decide on the media you are going to use the images in: a website product page, social media, magazine advertisement. This will prompt you into the next level – if you are going to do product photography, Commercial Jewelry Photography in Abu Dhabi and Commercial Jewelry Photography in Dubai, lifestyle or an editorial photoshoot.

Once those major decisions are made, the process flow is like this:

  1. find a photographer or a jewelry product photography company
  2. look for and agree upon a location for a jewelry photoshoot /jewelry photography studio, gallery, street/
  3. find & book models
  4. hire security services if necessary
  5. make a shoot list – a thorough inventory of all the items to be photographed
  6. insure your pieces of highest value if not insured yet for this occasion
  7. search for and buy or book all the props necessary for the shoot
  8. send reminders to all team and parties involved in the shoot prior to the event to ensure a smooth process
  9. shoot the pieces on the day of a booked jewelry photo session
  10. provide you recommendations for the editing process
  11. distribute the resulting jewelry images in the respective targeted media.

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