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I’m a Food Photography in UAE, when I first started as a food photographer, I was scared of brown!

How do you make it beautiful? It’s not the most appealing colour, or is it? I’ve been shooting food for over 14 years now and I’ve learned a lot of tricks along the way that will improve your brown food photos. 

I even did a brown food photo project just to prove how beautiful brown food is. So soak up all the tips, check out just how photogenic brown food can be and let’s get styling!

1 – In Food Photography Focus on Capturing Texture

One of the best things about food photography in Dubai or anywhere in world is that we get to shoot texture!

Texture in food is what allows us to look at an image and feel just like we were eating it! We know from the texture just how much we’d enjoy devouring each piece.

Focusing on the texture of your food is a really simple way to improve your brown food photos. If you take a look at each one of the images in this post, you’ll notice different textures present in each subject.

Next time you’re face to face with brown food, stop for a sec and really look at all the texture there is to capture.

2 – In Food Photography Use Hard Light To Define Shape

There are two types of light, soft and hard. Soft is used a lot in food photography.

Hard light can be more dynamic and interesting for subjects that aren’t as pretty. Hard light has defined shadows. These type of shadows can be really powerful in defining a subject.

As photography is a 2D image and we want to make the viewer feel like they are there ready to eat your food, shadows are important in creating dimension. I’ve used for my clients for food photography in Sharjah.

3 – Improve Your Brown Food Photography With Interesting Patterns

Patterns are all around us. Even in our food.

Patterns are a great composition technique to use to create interest and improve brown food photos.

In food photography, if you’re using a lot of small subjects that come together to make a larger dish/recipe, you can arrange them to create interesting patterns.

Or you can always hire for professional food photography in Abu Dhabi,

And they do it for you.

4 – Spend Time Finding Hero Subjects

This shot is one of my all-time favourite!

And the reason it’s so eye catching, even for brown food, is that the subjects are ‘hero’ subjects. It’s essential in food photography to spend time looking for the best subjects.

That can mean buying more than you need to! Here I purchased a couple of large packages of star anise so I could go through and find the best looking ones. If you think about it, these packages go through a lot. The chances of finding whole ones intact are slim.

Whenever you are prepping for your shot, spend time finding the heros, set them aside and use them front and centre in your shot.

5 – Choose Subjects That Have Interesting Shape

Shape creates interest. It can be expected or unexpected.

If you have power over the shape of your food, think about this before the cooking stage.

Can you pick a vessel that will give your food shape? That will give your food interest. Do you think a square cake will look better than a round cake?

And what about the shape of the food itself? Pecans are one of the most photogenic brown foods! Their shape is just so interesting. So think about how this can apply to your food.

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