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Product Food Commercial Photography in Dubai

Product food photography in UAE is not a one size fits all. Just as your e-commerce store likely features a variety of products and services, product photos also come in a variety of styles and purposes. Some are for everyday use, while others are more exclusive and only used in special cases.

Whether you want to maintain a consistent look in your product food photography in Dubai photos or tastefully mix and match them, it’s important to understand the difference between each type of product photography and the best way to capture them.

A right image that is professionally photographed will lead us to more sales then ever of the product.  Most business owners in the product food photography in Abu Dhabi, prefer increasing their sales and generating more earnings. They also prefer choosing the best product photographers over the high-quality photos for their products. 

How Hard Food photography can be:

Food is great! We all love it because there is such a wide variety and choice that it means there is something for everyone. What’s not always so good is photographing it to make it as amazing as it tastes.

It can be hard to do justice to food in the 2-dimensional confines of a photo – after all, it is really a pleasure that should be appreciated using all 5 of your senses.

If you have food items that need to be photographed, you often want to photograph them outside, as well as inside, their packaging and containers.

So here are 3 quick tricks than you should know about product food photography in Sharjah.

1. Give Ice cream with the cold shoulder

Ice cream can be a challenge to toss, but fear not – with a few simple techniques, you can be a frozen dessert master.

If you’re shooting ice cream, don’t just snap it into its container. It’s never served that way and it’s not what customers imagine when they think of “ice cream”. In other words – will not appeal.

So grab some spoons and start shooting! Here’s the trick: take your product out of the box ahead of time and keep it on dry ice.

When you are ready to shoot, place the ice cream in place and clear the “smoke” (steam) by blowing gently with a straw before starting to take pictures.

2. Chill out the moment with fruit and salads

If you’re shooting simple ingredients like above, use a touch of presentation. Which looks better? A whole lemon and lime, or this photo?

Think about the display aspect of some of your more “mundane” items.

And if you have greenery to photograph – remember this: your greens will look much greener if you soak them in ice water before the photo is taken.

3. Drizzle gives you more sizzle

Not all food products look so attractive on their packaging.

If that’s the case, take it off and demonstrate it’s being used – like this image. A picture of the packaging doesn’t look interesting on its own and certainly doesn’t sell the ‘sizzling’.

Pour over a few pancakes, however, and you’ll instantly have something the viewer might be tempted to enjoy and are much more likely to buy!

Food photography often needs context – so give it some.

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