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What’s almost as good as eating a tempting meal? Take photos of beautiful and drool-worthy food. After all, they say you eat with your eyes, and the best food photographer in the UAE are experts at creating delicious images that diners quickly devour.

In food photography, factors like the camera angle, background, lighting, light color, and decorative elements are commonly manipulated to motivate consumption through the impression of deliciousness. Studies have demonstrated these factors’ relevance on several subjects related to food perception. Nevertheless, the effect that these factors might have on the impression of deliciousness remains unclear. 

Therefore, to comprehend visual deliciousness perception, this study tested food images where each factor was manipulated independently and tested the interactions between the factors. The results concluded that although the light color, number of decorative elements, and the type of decorative elements individually affected the impression of deliciousness, the interaction between these three factors did not have any effect. However, interactions between the light color and type of decorative elements; and the number and type of elements affected the impression of deliciousness, evidencing that the manipulation of such factors partially modulates the impression of deliciousness.

Taking beautiful images of food can help you increase your photography toolbox and expand your client list to include editorial work and ad campaigns for food brands, businesses, and restaurants. Just like wedding photography, the best food photographer in Dubai is an acquired skill that requires a lot of attention to detail and a lot of creativity. Looking for inspiration to get you in the mood to shoot food for a client, or just to practice? We’ve rounded up some of the world’s best food photographers and their impressive online portfolios to highlight all the beautiful and creative ways to shoot food on a plate.

What make best food photography? 

Food photography is one of the most popular photographic genres. But the best food photographers in the world have come up with different styles, including the use of natural light, expert editing, and fantastic food styling. We can all learn to be professional food photographers by studying the work of some of the best in the world.

Whether you’re a wedding, portrait, or street photographer, maybe now is the time to study food photography and add another skill to your toolbox. Either way, we hope you’ll be inspired by this list of the best food photographers from around the world.

Orcan Food Photography captures the mouth watering food as it is on its camera. He is a terrific photographer or we can say “best food photographer in Abu Dhabi”. Treating the food which is being photographed as if you’re taking a still of a nature, ensuring the lighting is accurate which would justify the picture of the food, keeping in mind the striking composition that which setting will complement the food. Orcan 
Food Photography keeps every important step of capturing the most scrumptious food photograph well-knitted together. He has worked with big companies like Macdonald’s, KFC, Subway and many more famous companies. Professional camera lenses surely eases the process of taking a great photo but they are by no means the vital part of taking an extraordinary picture. Here at Orcan the best Food Photographer in Sharjah, we make sure our food pictures are worthy of being separated from normal Instagram food pictures as we have a great understanding of what it takes to compose an appealing image and the confidence to execute our vision which the food demand.

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