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Food photography for food bloggers is a never ending challenge…lighting, composition, styling, editing… they’re all skills that need to be learned.  Not to mention the ins and outs of photographing food with a DSLR or a point and shoot or smartphone.  And what happens when you hit a creative rut? We’ve got nine must read articles on food photography that will help any food blogger raise their skills.

1. Present Food on Wooden Boards

A wooden cutting board has become a favourite prop for best food photography in Dubai or best food photography in UAE. Not only is it one of the most common pieces of equipment in the kitchen, but it also invokes the idea of authentic home cooking.

Buy a new wooden cutting board or find second-hand cutting boards showing signs of use. Age and knife grooves will give the feeling that you’re working with an experienced chef.

2. Use a Wood Surface Background

You can also use wood as your background surface. A wooden surface gives food a rustic feel. The grained texture places your imagery in settings like a farmhouse kitchen.

If you don’t have a wooden table, you can cheat. You can use large wooden chopping boards for closeups. Or you can create a mini tabletop using planks of wood. You can paint or treat them with varnish to colour or age them. I’ve used almost every ideas for my best food photography in Abu Dhabi and best food photography in Sharjah shoot.

3. Make Use of Marble Backgrounds

Many modern kitchens have marble work surfaces. If you’re shooting in one of these kitchens, that’s perfect. But you can also replicate the upscale look in a studio or at home.

You can buy marble cutting blocks from homeware stores. But, these can be pricey. A cheaper alternative is to use vinyl imitations. You can buy them by the roll. They’re an inexpensive and easy-to-use prop, providing texture and detail for food photography.

4. Use a Slate or Chalkboard Backdrop

Slate has become a favourite food photography prop. And you’ll often find dishes served on slate surfaces in modern restaurants. It can bring a solid tone and texture to your food photography.

But another great prop for food photography is a chalkboard. You can draw lines and pictures on it. Or you can write words and phrases. And the dark background can make colours pop in food flat lay photography.

5. Match the Food with Cooking Utensils

Kitchen utensils are the most commonly used food photography prop. The reasons are obvious. But the best way to use them is to match the food with the utensils used to make the food.

For cookies, you’ll use a rolling pin and cookie cutters. And for cakes, tarts and other baked goods, you’ll use baking tins. If you incorporate these props in your food photography, people will better understand the cooking or baking process.

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