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Food photography is an art.

In food photography you want the food to speak about its beauty and taste, food photography is an art with many flavors to discover. Sometimes you experience these things, in fact all the time you can have this access to taste the food and do the work at the same time.

Food photography can feel more like an art than a science; Ultimately, it’s about producing an image that looks good and provokes a specific reaction in the viewer: making them want to eat. However, maximizing this response requires a basic understanding of the various factors that affect how the viewer views the image.

Some of these factors go beyond the art world and deepen the viewer’s perception of image stimuli. Fortunately, this is something that people who wear lab coats have gone to great lengths to research. Today we are going to discuss what they discovered and how it can help you create the best food photos.

We understand the dynamics of holding an event, our experience allows us to say this with confidence. We have one of the teams with best food photography in UAE and the best food photography in Abu Dhabi which can cover a multitude of marketing and public relations tasks for companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and others. Our extensive photo gallery will give you proof. We promise unparalleled photos, ROI and coverage you definitely deserve.

Why should you work with us?

Our goal is to simplify the entire process of event photography and videography for busy, overworked, stressed and underappreciated event planners, conference producers, PR and marketers. We offer simple and clear pricing structures, with defined targets and deliveries with no hidden costs. The best food photography in Dubai is all the rage these days.

We are involved enough with events in the region to understand that things can change at the last minute: times, places, requirements, even the location of the city. Once live, Dreambox will be available to you and your event and we will adapt to these changes and deliver results to the best of our abilities.

With our experience in the media and events industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East, we firmly believe that the most critical element for the success of any business is clear and precise communication. From understanding customer needs to precisely defining our understanding of them, our priority is to ensure seamless communication between customer and supplier at all times; pre-event, on-site and post-event processing.

Types of event photography in Dubai

  • Photography of exhibitions, congresses and fairs
  • Photography of commercial events and public relations.
  • Photography of concerts, festivals and live events
  • Graduation
  • Photography of public and private parties
  • Photography of the gala dinners and the awards ceremony
  • Benefit dances and fundraisers
  • School/university events

Food photography is a passion.

Food and drink photography. Most of the time, the jargon that most food and beverage brands struggle to understand. Communicating a brand’s visual identity can be a complex and complex process. Good product photos are just starting points for creating a unique branding language.

Food Photography and the Middle East Food photography is a relatively new concept. Food photographers who particularly specialize in this genre are a much smaller but growing tribe. So if someone in your office knows a person with a good camera, who takes very basic photos and charges very cheaply for a bunch of photos, he might seem like the right person for your next F&B campaign, this approach is definitely doomed to fail. . . It seems like nowadays people are running ad campaigns and promoting their influencer business.

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