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How to do Best Jewelry Photography in Dubai 2022

Performing best jewelry photography in UAE, is not less of a miracle. Whether you’re shooting diamond rings or gemstone necklaces, jewelry photography is notoriously tricky.

Jewelry photography is a subgenre of product best jewelry photography in Dubai, that comes with its own set of rules and challenges. Although jewels are beautiful and seem like a perfect subject for photography, they also tend to be very small and reflective, which makes them difficult to capture.

But there are a few tricks and techniques you can try to simplify the process and make your images shine.

Backgrounds for best jewellery photography

Before you start thinking about your choice of lens or lighting, you first need to decide what background to use.

The background is an integral part of your photo, and it’s totally necessary for best jewelry photography in Dubai, so choosing the right one is important. You want something that will enhance your product, not overpower it. So, think about colors, textures and shapes and how they will work with the style of your image.

For the first lesson in our jewelry series, I photographed a necklace of blue gemstones surrounded by diamonds.

I knew I wanted to incorporate juxtaposed textures. So, I chose smooth acrylic tiles and a more textured slate. I laid the acrylic tiles in a “floating” ladder formation on the slate, with the neck resting on the top tile.

The second necklace I photographed was much less textured, more of smooth metal polished with two diamonds. So, I opted for a much less textured background surface. Try to get the best jewelry photography in Sharjah.

In Jewelry Photography Avoid Distracting Reflections

Gemstones and metals like gold, silver and platinum can be difficult to photograph and present a technical challenge for anyone new to jewelry photography. It takes a lot of practice to photograph highly reflective surfaces without capturing reflections.

To avoid reflection problems, you can follow this simple triggering strategy.

Place your jewelry on a flat surface and place a studio light on each side. 

Spread out the two lights with umbrellas and place a roll of white seamless paper behind and under the product. You should also place the paper at the bottom of the camera lens to block foreground reflections. This type of setting will help you evenly fill the frame with light.

The photographic process for jewelry photography

Use Hasselblad H6 with a 100mm lens (approximately 67mm full-frame 35mm equivalent). Instead of using the macro lens, I used extension tubes. This is a more affordable alternative and helps you get the raise you need.

My camera was attached to my Manfrotto Super Salon 280 camera mount, but any tripod will work. The main thing is to keep the camera in a fixed position.

This will prevent camera shake and ensure the lighting remains correct. And make the perfect angle for best jewelry photography in Abu Dhabi. It will also keep everything aligned in case you need to stack your images later.

Be Aware Of White Balance in Jewelry Photography

Using the correct white balance is extremely important in jewelry photography. If white balance is off, yellow gold may appear as white gold and vice versa. Additionally, gemstone colors may appear inaccurate, which can lead to issues with business owners and their clients.

Before you begin, always make sure the white balance is set accurately so you can capture jewelry in the colors you want. You can adjust the white balance manually or use the auto mode and check that the results are optimal. Anyway, don’t forget to bring a gray card with you!

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