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Professional Resorts Photpgraphy in Dubai 2022

If you search “Professional Hotel Photography in Dubai” you’ve probably guessed that there’s more to this job than the job title implies. From our point of view, the main objective of a hotel photographer is to create images that bring out the best in our guests. Of course, each hotel has a different personality, different outlets and a different ideal customer. Showing the best of our client is completely dependent on what our client offers and who they want to attract, which means what we do as hotel photographers varies from project to project.

We work primarily as luxury hotel photographers, and our clients range from historic hotels that attract royalty and dignitaries to modern architectural wonders. Our work often falls under other Professional Resorts Photography in UAE classifications, including commercial, editorial, lifestyle, product and food photography. For a client, that might mean a glamorous session on a remote glacier in the Swiss Alps with models that look like they’re straight out of a James Bond movie. For another client, that might mean spending a peaceful winter night capturing a famous architectural masterpiece.

It All Starts with the Client

To make our customers look their best, we need to develop a deep understanding of who our customers are, who they want to attract and what they offer. We work with our clients to understand their brand and creative vision, as well as their practical requirements. The exact work we do before a session is entirely up to our client. The client may already have a list of images they need when they come to see us, or they may be looking for an agency that can guide them to understand which images will best communicate their brand. If a client comes to us for hotel video production, they may have already planned the video or are looking for an agency they can work with to develop and execute a concept. We also enjoy working with clients who want to completely redesign their visual identity or launch one from scratch and want to work with an agency that understands all aspects of visual marketing.

Getting the Shot

One of the best things about our job is that every day can be completely different from the last. Getting the perfect photo or video might mean chartering private helicopters, hunting bays on the mountainside, exploring local areas of interest, or climbing a rooftop. The work we produce ranges from editorial work to architectural photography Professional Resorts Photography in Abu Dhabi to inspirational lifestyle imagery, and our team can range from one person to a full entourage of stylists, models, makeup artists and designers. lighting assistants. No two days are the same for a professional hotel photographer.

Creating the Best Light

Lighting is an important component of our work. Many other hotel photographers do Professional Resorts Photography in Sharjah choose to use techniques that rely heavily on post-production, such as blending differently exposed images to create a final high dynamic range image. However, we prefer to refine the lighting of each image as the photo is taken.

We chose to work this way for several reasons. The first is that our preferred workers in collaboration with our customers, and workers to get away, allow our customers to imply the upper hand in the process and feel that they are aware that our avons have captured the parfaite du day image. The second reason is that our role as hotel photographers is to create scenes that potential guests can imagine entering, and creating the right lighting during the day ensures our images communicate the perfect mood and feel. The third reason is that through lighting we can have incredible control over the filming environment, which means we can work when it’s best for our clients. We can even create the image of an amazing breakfast buffet dotted with golden morning light before sunrise.

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