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The Added Value of Good Hotel Photography : Why it is Important

A hotel website is the best promotional channel in the digital world of hospitality and the best way for a hotel to promote its accommodation options, services and the overall guest experience. Without a doubt, the content of the website plays a vital role and therefore a good hotel photo session is of the utmost importance for the success of the accommodation’s internet presence.

The quality and success of hotel websites largely depends on the quality of the photo shoot, both to promote the actual experience a guest will have in the hotel and to provide comprehensive information about the hotel facilities and services. accommodation options for potential clients.

The critical role of hotel photos

Photos make up most of the content on a hotel website and are considered one of the main tools for effective property promotion. Through a series of attractive photographs, the hotel enhances its image and the general impression that potential guests have of the property, giving them an idea of ​​its true value.

Beautiful and technically correct photos can play a catalytic role in increasing hotel sales, while moderate or poor photos statistically lead to lost bookings and revenue.

Professional Hotel photography in Dubai is extremely important to business success because it can make or break your hotel, but many hoteliers don’t realize this. A bad angle, a bad photo, a dark and low-quality image can discourage customers from booking. That’s why it is recommended to invest in professional hotel photography to achieve your business growth. Well-lit, professional-looking photos can make a world of difference, and we’ll explain why in this article.

Hotel images set the guest’s first impression

Just like when you first meet someone or apply for a job, you go to great lengths to get someone’s approval. The same goes for the hotel industry. First impressions are very important and they play a huge role in the success of your hotel as they can make or break your hotel.

The best way to make a lasting first impression is to show your potential guests what your hotel has to offer through aesthetically pleasing photos. Hotel photos produce an emotional reaction in the viewer which ultimately can consciously and unconsciously influence them to book with you. That’s why hoteliers should invest in a professional hotel photography in Sharjah, professional photographer to get the best shots.

Hotel images are key to your success. The numbers prove it. 

Professional hotel photography in UAE is the key to the success of your business and the numbers are there to prove it. In an article published by 1834 Hotels, it is stated that:

80% of all hotel reservations are made online. To attract and retain more customers, hotels must present attractive images to customers.

90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, you need to ensure that the story you tell through your professional hotel photography in Abu Dhabi is compelling and colorful enough to make them book a room on your website.

In a Hospitality Net study, hotel photos play a 60% role in a guest’s decision-making process. The same goes for online shopping. Human beings are visual creatures. And with hotel reservations, people are more likely to book with you when they like what they see.

According to a TripAdvisor study, travelers are 150% more engaged with ads containing more than 20 images compared to those with fewer. Also, photos tend to get more engagement when they are of high quality.

Also, according to a study by mentioned in this article, having at least one high-quality photo will increase booking demand by 225%. Furthermore, it reminds us that photos, videos and graphics play an influential role in guiding people to action.

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