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Top 5 Props you can use for Food Photography in Dubai

As a curious child, I am a big fan of everything that goes on behind the scenes. I like to see what happens to bring something to life. The food photography service in the UAE is no different. I love seeing people behind the scenes, so I wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look at some of my favorite tools. As I’ve learned to improve my food photography, one of the things I’ve invested in along the way is providing great props.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my photos and props weren’t all that attractive when I started. I hope that with this post I can save you some of your precious time so that you do not have so much trial and error. I’ve rounded up my absolute favorite accessories from my own collection.

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These are the simple tools that help bring my favorite dishes to life. At first, I suggest going with a “less is more” approach and slowly adding as you see fit. There is no point in buying and shooting with a bunch of accessories that you don’t need yet. I slowly built up enough props to sustain me for most of the shoot, but like anything, it takes time.

1. Wooden Photo board Food Photography

Photography wise, a wooden photo board has absolutely been one of my favorite investments. Having a beautiful backdrop to set your photos on makes such a huge difference. In the last shoot I had Food Photography Service in Abu Dhabi.

2. Unique Cutting Boards

I love having a variety of cutting boards to choose from in order to enhance or add some visual interest to a photo. Sometimes a simple board can add that much needed contrast between the wood and the dish. I’m a sucker for the wooden cross section but I’ve also been seeing a ton of beautiful smaller marble cutting boards that look great against a dark background.

  • I’ve gotten some of my favorite cutting boards from HomeGoods and Target.

3. Food Photography Marble Slab

Along with wood, marble is a gorgeous surface to shoot on and can make most anything look good. Each slab is so unique and can illuminate a dish in a really special way. Food Photography Service in Sharjah, I love using these for ingredients shots or breakfast recipes because there’s something able marble that gives it a “morning glow”

  • You can find marble slabs at HomeGoods, Sur la Table or if you’re feeling crafty you can find pieces of marble at Home Depot.

4. Parchment Paper 

I absolutely love using parchment paper, especially Food Photography Service in Sharjah with baked goods photos. There’s something about the texture of crinkled parchment paper that I just can’t get enough of. It can be a great tool to add more dynamic lines in your photo’s composition.

  • You can find parchment paper at most grocery stores and cooking stores.

5. white & neutral cloth napkins

White cloth napkins are another great tool to add visual interest to your composition. They can also help reflect light back onto the dish which can brighten up the image in a natural way. I love using them with smoothie bowls photos and they’ve made many an appearance in shots of baked goods.

  • You can find white cloth napkins at places like Target and Homegoods.

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