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Understanding the Difference Between Product and Food Photography in 2022

Food is a product, does that make it product photography? In fact. Although there is some overlap between the two, food photography and product photography are still quite different.

It is true that commercial products and food images should encourage people to do something: buy and eat. But editorial Product Food Photography in Dubai

require a bit more art, while product photography is a bit more scientific.

What’s the difference between product and food photography?

They say that photography is both an art and a science, and that’s true when it comes to commercial products or food photography.

For a commercial photo of a product, it is essential to show all aspects of the product, even if it is a lifestyle photo. Consumers want to see every angle of a product to see exactly what they’re getting. Photographers work tirelessly to get accurate photos.

But product food photography in UAE is all about reaching the senses. Your audience doesn’t necessarily need to see the cheeseburger from all angles to want to buy it. They just need to look at that picture of the cheeseburger and they really want to eat that cheeseburger.

The Baker vs. the Cook 

As food photographer and author Joanie Simon said: “Product food photography in Abu Dhabi is more calculated, like a baker. Food photography is more fluid, like a cook.

So, think of product photography like bakery, where you have to be very measured, scientific, calculated and precise to get a very specific result.

Food photography, on the other hand, is like a free-spirited cook, adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that to get that beautiful unique editorial shot that will really make people want to eat that lasagna.

Whether you’re getting scientific with an e-commerce product photo or getting creative with a perfectly poached salmon, to get the photo you want more easily and efficiently, you need fasteners.

Let’s see how tethering helps make the world freer of food photography.

Tethering impacts efficiency, speed, and composition. 

With the right tethering equipment, product food photography in Sharjah can connect their cameras to a computer for instant upload, editing and feedback. This means you can make adjustments quickly and avoid the cost and time of rework. This not only contributes to the efficiency of the workflow, but also to the shutter speed and composition of the photo.

Find workflow efficiencies

Edit on the go with connected software and simplify your workflow. Get the right shot at the right time and never worry about storage or energy. Good lashing tools have plenty of storage space and won’t let you lose energy during long tugs.

For food sprouts, protection is particularly important. Reshooting means recreating a recipe, which can involve several people and will certainly increase costs, not to mention lost time.

Get a perfect composition

For food photography, a big part of what creates a successful image is composition and planning. Being able to prepare evenly and knowing you have the shot and can test the scene ensures that everything is ready before you bring food into the shot.

“The real power is in the live view. People are now checking behind the scenes on social media. Strong songwriting is also very important. When you’re shooting editorials, you need to see the negative space.

Speed up the shot

Tethering reduces shooting time and creates more successful images because the food looked better in the photo. Having a reliable live stream or live preview without delay helps to optimize the photo shoot and improve the customer experience. With a quick setup and feed, food photographers can get real-time feedback to adjust the shot while the subject is still fresh.

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